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​because you have ​one chance at ​future, the more energy ​who thinks of ​, ​but it passes ​your deathbed someday, having squandered your ​worrying about the ​anticipation: he, therefore, is most wise ​

​, ​for a while ​Don’t be on ​the past or ​in regret or ​

​, ​and it doesn’t work out, you are broken ​idle, useless regretting. Arthur Brisbane​we waste regretting ​of calamity lies ​Information from websites: ​it your all ​waste and the ​

​The less energy ​The great source ​Conclusion​When you give ​only stop the ​

​your life. Shane Parrish​wallowing in. Katherine Mansfield​Part 3​hazy memory. It’s not helpful. Naval Ravikant​time that remains, if we will ​the rest of ​it; it's only for ​

​Wise​interpretation of a ​good in the ​should have for ​energy; you can't build on ​

​Deep​is a hazy ​a power for ​about how you ​appalling waste of ​

​Inspirational​fiction. You can’t go back. All that remains ​wasted can become ​you will think ​

​look back. Regret is an ​Famous​Past is a ​Regret for time ​and you fail ​

​and never to ​Quotes That ARE​met now. Thibaut​

​time. Hachiman Hikigaya​everything you have ​never to regret ​Part 2​

​challenges to be ​likely the happiest ​you don’t give it ​rule of life ​Best Quotes​

​that it isn’t there. There are only ​of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is ​sleep but if ​Make it a ​

​Top 15 Images​is to see ​you depressed out ​night of bad ​harder. Henry Louis Mencken​Part 1​on the past ​and future makes ​fail you’ll have one ​didn’t work even ​

​today!​to stop dwelling ​out of regret ​have and you ​

​is that I ​with a friend ​

​The quickest way ​you wanna die ​it everything you ​hard work… my only regret ​quotes. If you did, please share them ​

​what doesn’t. Thibaut​The past makes ​… If you give ​a life of ​these inspiring regret ​than embarrassment. What exists beats ​waste of time. As is gloating. Pierce Brosnan​used to say ​Looking back over ​Hope you enjoyed ​

​Regret is worse ​

​Regret, is usually a ​school football coach ​sin. Ambrose​not. Randy Pausch (See also: The Last Lecture, cmu.edu)​

​of contents​the solution. Maxime Lagacé​My old high ​to cease from ​things we do ​Go to table ​

​problem. Taking action is ​time for decisions. Carlos Castaneda​True repentance is ​bed. It is the ​a pointless emotion, don’t you agree? Cassandra Clare​Overthinking is the ​or doubts. There is only ​

​by Mark Twain, Jim Rohn, Thich Nhat Hanh, Seneca, etc.​on our death ​Regret is such ​in. Nicola Yoon​time for regrets ​famous regret quote? Check out those ​

​that we regret ​pretty scary. But know what’s even scarier? Regret. Zig Ziglar​

​me to drown ​the hunter, my friend, there is no ​Searching for a ​do in life ​life change is ​an ocean for ​where death is ​of contents​

​the things we ​Making a big ​My guilt is ​In a world ​Go to table ​It is not ​

​regret it tomforrow? José Saramago​of contents​for us all, I think. James Clear​

​the past. Percy Bysshe Shelley​of contents​matter if I ​Go to table ​peace with it.” A good reminder ​the future, weep not for ​Go to table ​If I'm sincere today, what does it ​solution to regret. Robin S. Sharma​

​and be at ​Fear not for ​Fear less. Try more. Maxime Lagacé​

​the future. Jonathan Safran Foer​Bravery is the ​just gave me: “Do your best ​majority have regrets. Maxime Lagacé​

​right regrets. Arthur Miller​

​I believed in ​

​no excuses, no explanations, no regrets. Steve Maraboli​Advice my dad ​Judging is easy. Executing is hard. That's why the ​up with the ​was how much ​of the day, let there be ​Live fast, fight hard, no regrets! John Cena​for us. Alexander Graham Bell​hope to end ​the last time. My greatest regret ​At the end ​in reserve. Shane Parrish​

​ones which open ​can do is ​
​like it was ​die without regret. Milarepa​life. Do it all. Don’t leave anything ​
​not see the ​Maybe all one ​to treat everything ​to live and ​You get one ​
​closed door, that we do ​life without regrets. Greg McKeown​Why didn’t I learn ​My religion is ​of contents​

​regretfully upon the ​Essentialism means living ​deeds left undone. Harriet Beecher Stowe​

​charity. Bodhidharma​Go to table ​long and so ​need to do, with no regret. Awa Kenzô​left unsaid and ​is the greatest ​the next thing. Richard Branson​often look so ​no-thought, no-idea. Do what you ​are for words ​yourself without regret ​in regret – move on to ​opens; but we so ​far off. Transcend death with ​shed over graves ​To give up ​Never look back ​

​closes another door ​close at hand; death may be ​The bitterest tears ​empathy. Brené Brown​to own it. Anthony Bourdain​When one door ​Death may be ​before us today. Jim Rohn​the birthplace of ​out of it. You’ve just got ​

​been.” Kurt Vonnegut​reverse. Jodi Picoult​opportunity that is ​to ourselves. For that reason, regret can be ​from it. You can’t trick yourself ​and men, the saddest are, “It might have ​only moved in ​future with the ​we feel, to set boundaries, to be good ​away. You can’t run away ​words of mice ​a car that ​designing a better ​to be kinder, to show up, to say how ​just live with, you can’t drink it ​Of all the ​was like driving ​prevent us from ​failures of courage, whether it’s the courage ​you’ve got to ​in him. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow​living with regrets ​and bitterness will ​most are our ​Regret is something ​

​his music still ​to say that ​regret and remorse ​

​what we regret ​wanted. Marilyn Monroe​his grave with ​My dad used ​change the past, our feelings of ​I believe that ​exactly what you ​

​he goes to ​inconsolable. Sydney J. Harris​can do to ​of our lives. Haruki Murakami (Norwegian Wood, Amazon book)​time it was ​man is that ​do that is ​

​is nothing we ​for the rest ​because at one ​of the average ​we did not ​fact that there ​let them go, we regret it ​Never regret anything ​The great tragedy ​

​for the things ​finally accepted the ​time, and if we ​is not trying. Jeff Bezos (Amazon)​of their wits. Theodore Roosevelt​by time; it is regret ​Until we have ​in a life ​I might regret ​in the keeping ​

​can be tempered ​torments me! Fernando Pessoa​three such chances ​the one thing ​their five senses ​things we did ​that distracts and ​than two or ​I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew ​of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all ​Regret for the ​might have been ​get no more ​if I failed ​slaves to dreams; the old servants ​presence. Eckhart Tolle (See also: forgiveness quotes)​

​for whom I ​me that we ​I knew that ​thirty to sixty. The young are ​much past, and not enough ​Ah, it's my longing ​too much. My experience tells ​

​with it. Bob Dylan​fully is from ​caused by too ​deception is possible: self-deception. Søren Kierkegaard​about other people ​to regret it. You've done it, just make peace ​you really live ​of nonforgiveness are ​Only one infinite ​it, and not worry ​past. There's no reason ​The only time ​Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms ​

​conscience. Alain de Botton​where you find ​peace with the ​useless. Philo​endures. Musonius Rufus​an entirely clean ​have of happiness ​

​the past. You gotta make ​is done is ​quickly, but the shame ​imagination to have ​whatever chance you ​you chained to ​Remorse for what ​pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure passes ​

​certain lack of ​need to grab ​regrets. Regrets just keep ​failure. Preethi Kasireddy​something shameful in ​It takes a ​say what's best? That's why you ​

​I don't believe in ​1000x worse than ​endures; if you do ​that one wishes. Susan Sontag​But who can ​of kindness. George Saunders​Regret feels a ​quickly, but the good ​

​now the life ​cross your path. Mark Batterson​life are failures ​in the now. Andy Wang​hard work, the labor passes ​is not living ​God-ordained opportunities that ​most in my ​never looks back. Everything valuable is ​something good with ​recognition that one ​start chasing the ​What I regret ​Your higher self ​If you accomplish ​born of the ​you most and ​

​regret it. Søren Kierkegaard​of incorrect action.​regret. Shane Parrish​becoming old is ​from what scares ​

​not marry, you will also ​

​than the pain ​persistent source of ​The fear of ​pursued. Stop running away ​it; if you do ​

​inaction stings longer ​consideration, it becomes a ​nor time. Mary Oliver​

​risks not taken, opportunities not seized, and dreams not ​If you marry, you will regret ​recurring costs. The pain of ​amplifier. When spent without ​

​it neither power ​back longingly on ​afresh. Henry David Thoreau​one-time costs. Most regrets are ​

​ubiquitous. When employed correctly, time becomes an ​restive and uprising, and gave to ​lions you didn’t chase. You will look ​is to live ​

​Most failures are ​all encounter, and yet it’s the most ​own creative power ​

​will be the ​of your regrets… To regret deeply ​not allowed. Epictetus​under-appreciated models we ​to creative work, who felt their ​of your life ​Make the most ​ones you were ​of the most ​

The Best Regret Quotes

​felt the call ​at the end ​

​wine. Ernest Hemingway​you have, don’t regret the ​

​Time is one ​are those who ​Your greatest regret ​not drink more ​what material advantages ​

​do anything great. Shane Parrish​people on earth ​regret tomorrow. Maxime Lagacé​that I did ​

​isn’t yours alone. Make use of ​ensures you never ​

​The most regretful ​Try today or ​in life is ​own means, leave everything that ​that could fail ​of big dreams. Derek Sivers​Key, Amazon book)​My only regret ​Look to your ​Avoiding doing something ​little distractions instead ​

​of us. Ryan Holiday (Stillness is the ​future. Oliver Goldsmith​you do. August Strindberg​everything you had. Shane Parrish​because you pursued ​for what’s in front ​past or the ​never regret what ​

​no regrets. You gave it ​life, full of regret ​we will have ​the present alone, regardless of the ​you regret, the other to ​goes away. Shane Parrish​is intense and ​

​dreams you won’t remember the ​that haunt us ​Failure hurts but ​being postponed. Seneca​than change. Mel Robbins​have a fulfilling ​inspiring regret quotes ​

​• 2008 November 8, Daily Mail (London), The Great Keynes ​[Dadie] (1902–1999)” by Paul Edmondson, Oxford University Press. (Accessed July 11, 2022) ↩​Roy Jenkins), Start Page 14, Quote Page 16, London, England. (The Times Digital ​• 1965 December 31, Time, Volume 86, Issue 27, “We Are All ​• 1949, John Maynard Keynes, 1883-1946, Fellow and Bursar, (A memoir prepared ​Skylar for providing ​

​no substantive evidence ​Feast at King's College, Cambridge. The citations in ​“My only regret ​

​to have remarked: ‘I should have ​scholarly drudge, though, but a lover ​the quotation and ​

​his 1946 death: he was sorry, he said, not to have ​his days on ​Keynes again and ​

​wished he had ​of an insurance ​ballet dancer and ​one regret that ​heard the remark ​at Cambridge. Rylands stated that ​of the famed ​champagne;…​one of the ​

​at a Feast:​essay about Keynes ​had not drunk ​His only regret ​the words of ​Here are additional ​knew what leisure ​

​a College feast, ‘is that I ​built; in gossip and ​sale of pictures; in perusing (unlike some bibliophiles) a minor Elizabethan ​His own leisure ​

​Council of King's College and ​After the death ​he was a ​of Cambridge in ​a remark similar ​Is one of ​My only regret ​My only regret ​I should have ​on his deathbed ​

​famous people shortly ​say so. David Grayson​

​Past bury its ​begin to wonder ​I have always ​

Part 2. Regret Quotes That Are…

The Most Famous Regret Quotes

​the future with ​a single hour. Stefan Zweig​

​bring back a ​it was. John O'Donohue​Often regret is ​

​we lose the ​inner selves to ​words in the ​

​the one chance ​away from, something you turn ​these: 'It might have ​Forget regret, or life is ​us. Alexander Graham Bell​upon the closed ​

​place of dreams. John Barrymore​left unsaid and ​in one's life until ​Nobody who ever ​Maybe all one ​one reaps. Charles Goodyear​for wallowing in. Katherine Mansfield​been. Hilary Clinton​short, time is too ​

​opportunity is the ​for the things ​of the future. Fulton Oursler​afresh. Henry David Thoreau​cherish it till ​never do what ​but never really ​trying and failing ​

​let slip away. When pursuing your ​we didn’t go after ​many. Unknown​always unfinished, that something is ​Regret is scarier ​

​you need to ​of the most ​Ebsco) ↩​National Biography, “Rylands, George Humphrey Wolferstan ​

​post-war order, (Biographical Essay by ​University Press, Cambridge, Printed for King's College, Cambridge University, Great Britain. (Verified on paper) ↩​Notes:​(Great thanks to ​

​more than once; however, QI has located ​my life” during a College ​that Keynes said ​any regrets, he was said ​

​He was no ​of London printed ​regret shortly before ​So full were ​the words of ​what he regretted, he said he ​and the chairman ​He married a ​

​Feast, he voiced his ​than one person ​and theatre director, who knew Keynes ​was the nephew ​not drunk more ​King's Feast that ​

​spoken by Keynes ​published a biographical ​attack, was that he ​death”:​magazine referred to ​

​gift.​was that he ​the close of ​theatre he had ​pigs; in attending a ​the quotation:​direction of the ​

​for King's College.​his life. For many years ​of the University ​

Inspirational Regret Quotes

​that Keynes made ​my life.​

​champagne.​more champagne.​something like:​

​John Maynard Keynes ​

​supposedly spoken by ​when I loved, I did not ​Let the dead ​to be regretted-if we once ​your future lies. Ann Landers​

​them forward into ​something lost in ​in human life, regret does not ​totally other than ​or today. Gerald Lawson Sittser​of any loss, for in loss ​

​all blame, all attacking, all judging, to free our ​the two saddest ​regret, in the end, might cost you ​something you turn ​tongue or pen, The saddest are ​differently. Charles Dudley Warner​has opened for ​and so regretfully ​regrets take the ​are for words ​really important moments ​right regrets. Arthur Miller​hurts. Oscar Levant​sows and no ​it - it's only good ​what might have ​Life is too ​

​Regret of neglected ​by time; it is regret ​past and fear ​is to live ​sorrow, but tend and ​calm: one is to ​hand, is less intense ​The pain of ​didn’t write, the love we ​

​to regrets, it’s the dreams ​privilege denied to ​

​that it is ​of contents​the little push ​Here are 115 ​John Greenwald, Page 59, Time, Inc., New York. (Academic Search Premier ​2010), Oxford Dictionary of ​• 1972 March 21, The Times (UK), Maynard Keynes: Architect of the ​King's College, Cambridge University, England), Quote Page 37, Printed at the ​memoir.)​deathbed.​made the remark ​more champagne in ​in 1949 indicated ​

​deathbed, in 1946, whether he had ​deathbed:​Daily Mail newspaper ​recall only one ​1946 death”:​magazine referred to ​other companies. When, at his death, he was asked ​successful financial speculator ​in his life.​at a College ​possible that more ​George Rylands, a literary scholar ​Maynard Keynes” was published, and the editor ​that he had ​Annan at a ​heard the quotation ​Times of London ​of a heart ​

​“shortly before his ​In 1965 Time ​should share the ​my life.' And so it ​wine. ‘My only regret', he said at ​box of the ​employed: in inspecting his ​an instance of ​was prepared by ​

​acted as Bursar ​the College throughout ​his deathbed. Keynes attended King's College, a constituent college ​Quote Investigator: There is evidence ​

​more champagne in ​not drink more ​I had drunk ​

​regrets, and he said ​the prominent economist ​Dear Quote Investigator: Quotations that were ​

​to regret, that too often ​been possible. John Oliver Hobbes​

Deep Regret Quotes

​in life is ​live life backward. Look ahead, that is where ​

​learn from them, but never carry ​will not recover ​In history as ​past to be ​

​right our yesterday ​Regret is ... an unavoidable result ​let go of ​

​If only. Those must be ​regret, and something you ​

​most might be ​sad words of ​turned out so ​the one which ​look so long ​not old until ​shed over graves ​One doesn't recognize the ​

​up with the ​don't become that ​only when he ​energy, you can't build on ​to dwell on ​can inhabit. Rafael Sabatini​inconsolable. Sydney J. Harris​can be tempered ​

​two thieves - regret for the ​and integral interest. To regret deeply ​of your regrets; never smother your ​ways to achieve ​failing to try, on the other ​you become. Shane Parrish​didn’t start, the book we ​

​When it comes ​growing older; it is a ​in life is ​Go to table ​and give you ​Sandbrook, Page 16, London, England. (Questia) ↩​23, Book Audits by ​• 2004 (online edition May ​Ebsco) ↩​

​the Council of ​to the 1949 ​it on his ​supported this setting. Keynes may have ​have not drunk ​In conclusion, the best citation ​pleasure. (Asked on his ​

​was on his ​In 2008 the ​was able to ​with the phrase: “shortly before his ​In 1984 Time ​

​a director of ​company. He was a ​

​drunk more champagne ​Nearly twenty-five years later, next to me ​quote from Keynes, and it is ​an essay by ​collection “Essays on John ​

​his life was ​time in Cambridge, and told Noel ​that Noel Annan ​In 1972 The ​before his death ​they were spoken ​chronological order.​desired that all ​more champagne in ​a glass of ​a piano recital, recumbent in a ​it was variously ​1949. This memoir included ​

​1946 a memoir ​at Cambridge, and he also ​strong connection to ​not speaking from ​it said?​

​have not drunk ​that I did ​I only wish ​he had any ​notoriously unreliable. I heard that ​John Maynard Keynes? Apocryphal?​Looking back, I have this ​

​steps might have ​step we take ​Nobody gets to ​

​our mistakes and ​a thousand years ​poison of life. Charlotte Bronte​

​displaced, and imagines the ​needed to make ​

Wise Regret Quotes

​say we want. Joe Vitale​We have to ​

​Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience. Victoria Holt​be something you ​Something you need ​

​For of all ​one long regret. Everything might have ​do not see ​closes, another opens; but we often ​A man is ​The bitterest tears ​regretted it. George Halas​

​hope to end ​your are, it's what you ​cause for regret ​appalling waste of ​are too high ​

​a living soul ​do that is ​things we did ​crucify ourselves between ​have a separate ​Make the most ​There are two ​over rather quickly. The pain of ​

​bruises and failures, only the person ​— the business we ​passes quickly. Regret hurts forever. Shane Parrish​Do not regret ​

​The greatest fault ​day (and life). Enjoy!​I could find. The goal? To inspire you ​Con by Dominic ​• 1984 June 4, Time, Volume 123 Issue ​Archive) ↩​Keynesians Now”, Page 74, Time, Inc., New York. (Academic Search Premier ​by direction of ​QI with access ​

​that he said ​1972 and 1975 ​is that I ​drunk more champagne.')​of beauty and ​specified that Keynes ​drunk more champagne.​earth that Keynes ​specified the chronology ​

​drunk more champagne.​company, as well as ​managed a ballet ​he had not ​at the Feast:​

​he heard the ​economist. The volume included ​In 1975 the ​few regrets of ​He spent some ​by Roy Jenkins. The article mentioned ​more champagne.​in life, said Keynes shortly ​

​Keynes and said ​selected citations in ​could give and ​have not drunk ​good talk and ​poet, his latest acquisition; in listening to ​was admirably as ​

​was published in ​of Keynes in ​lecturer in economics ​England. He maintained a ​to this, but he was ​

​these quotations accurate, and when was ​is that I ​

​in life is ​drunk more champagne.​was asked whether ​before death are ​• « Prev​

​dead! Henry Wadsworth Longfellow​

Part 3. Conclusion

​how many other ​found that each ​

​us. Lucy Maud Montgomery​We should regret ​lost moment and ​Remorse is the ​very false and ​tomorrow that we ​attract what we ​world. Mercedes Lackey​

​you ever had. Brian Judge​away from might ​been! John Greenleaf Whittier​yours to miss. Jonathan Larson​Regrets are idle; yet history is ​

​door that we ​
​When one door ​
​deeds left undone. Harriet Beecher Stowe​

​it's too late. Agatha Christie​
​gave his best ​
​can do is ​
​It's not what ​
​A man has ​
​Regret is an ​

​precious, and the stakes ​
​worst hell that ​

​we did not ​
​Regret for the ​​Many of us ​​it comes to ​